www.opinion.rona.ca | Take Rona Survey – Win $1,000

www.opinion.rona.ca – To what end is the organization conducting this survey?

www.opinion.rona.ca | Take Rona Survey - Win $1,000

www.opinion.rona.ca | Take Rona Survey – Win $1,000

When it comes to selling tools and supplies for DIY projects in Canada, few brands are as well-known as Rona. Rona’s annual customer satisfaction survey.

Which can be accessed at Opinion.Rona.ca, has two primary purposes: to help the company retain its dominant market position and to provide consumers with a more satisfying buying experience.

Learn more about the survey’s goals, how to take part in the survey, and the perks you may win by answering questions in this in-depth article.

Where do I enter my information to be a part of this survey?

If you are a Rona client and would like to take part in the company’s customer satisfaction survey, please visit the survey website at Opinion.Rona.ca

Access codes for the survey may be located on the receipt that the customer used to make their purchase.

If a customer does not have their survey code but knows the store number and date of their most recent purchase, they may still take part in the survey by providing this information instead.

www.opinion.rona.ca | Take Rona Survey - Win $1,000

www.opinion.rona.ca | Win $1,000

Customers who can’t locate the survey code may still share their opinions in this way.

Participants will be asked a series of questions regarding their most recent in-store encounter once the survey has been introduced.

All aspects of the store, from its cleanliness to its stock levels to its customer service to its pricing structure, are covered in the questionnaire.

Participants are asked to indicate on a scale from one to ten how satisfied they were with different parts of the shopping experience.

The survey also has a free-form area where respondents may provide additional feedback.

www.opinion.rona.ca | Take Rona Survey - Win $1,000

Gains and Prizes

Insightful feedback on the quality of Rona’s goods and services may be gained from customers who take the time to fill out the company’s survey about their degree of satisfaction.

These offerings. Participants will also be placed into a monthly contest for a chance to win a $1,000 Rona gift card.

The drawing will be held monthly on the final day of the month. This reward is awarded at the end of each month in a random selection.

The gift card may be used for in-store and online transactions, regardless of the kind of item being purchased. If a store takes American Express, you may use it there.

www.opinion.rona.ca | Take Rona Survey - Win $1,000


Participants must also be at least 18 years old to take part in the survey. Participation in the survey requires meeting these criteria.

Only one survey answer per customer each month will be approved, and the survey must be completed within seven days of the customer’s most recent purchase date.

To enter the contest and get updates on the draw, entrants must supply their true, correct contact information.

About Company

Canadian hardware and home improvement retailer Rona was established in 1939 and has since become a household name.

More than 430 of the company’s stores may be found throughout Canada, each stocking a vast variety of goods.

Lumber, construction materials, hardware, tools, and gardening supplies are all available. Rona strives to provide the highest quality goods and services in the business.

The corporation also contributes financially to several international environmental and societal initiatives.

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Customers who take part in Rona’s survey on their overall satisfaction have a great chance to have their voices heard.

Customers who take the time to fill out the survey will have a chance to improve not only their own shopping experiences but also those of other customers.

Plus, customers who fill out the survey and enter will be entered to win a Rona gift card worth $1,000. Visit Opinion.Rona.ca if you’ve just made a purchase at a Rona shop.

There, you’ll be able to evaluate the quality of the service you got and share your thoughts on the matter.

www.opinion.rona.ca | Take Rona Survey - Win $1,000

www.opinion.rona.ca | FAQs

  • For what reason does Rona think conducting a poll is imperative?

Answer – By conducting the survey, Rona is able to get a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of its customers, as well as the parts of the company’s products and services that are attractive to them and those that are not, as well as ways in which it may improve its overall performance.

  • In order to take part in the poll that Rona is conducting, what must I do?

Answer – Participating consumers must go to the survey’s official website, which may be located at Opinion.Rona.ca. Any customer can use any browser to get to the site. When they reach that page, they will be prompted to enter the survey access code that is printed on the bottom of their receipt.

  • Question:- Where can I get further details on the Rona customer satisfaction survey?

Answer:- The Rona Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online questionnaire that asks respondents questions about their overall shopping experience at Rona stores. The information gathered from this survey will be used to improve the shopping experience at Rona.

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