TellJamba – Win $500 Check

TellJamba – You have been following a healthy diet and you are quite familiar with the Jamba Juice center and you have been regular to the store to enjoy.

TellJamba - Win $500 Check - Jamba Juice Guest Survey

TellJamba – Win $500 Check

But now that you are a permanent customer of Jamba and you have marked a few changes that are required to make it more satisfying for you in the next visit.

Jamba Juice is one of the famous health food stores and they have served the best but to enhance and expand the same they want to have a general idea of how they are doing from their customers.

For this reason, they survey their services on their survey portal where every customer who has been to Jamba once and also has the invoice of their recent visit is welcome to attend the survey.

and win exciting prizes. To participate click on the Jamba Website portal

You are here to help the team to beat the shortcomings and to attend to your level of satisfaction and this might be interesting because you too will be benefited from taking part in the survey.

About the Jamba Juice Guest Survey

An American Chain company was founded in 1990 now which is situated in around 875 locations in the US States. Kirk Perron Founded the Jamba Juice company and is now headquartered in Frisco, Texas.

TellJamba - Win $500 Check - Jamba Juice Guest Survey

Jamba Juice Survey Prizes And Rewards

You have been to the Jamba Juice and you have learned about the survey that is being conducted and also heard you will be awarded for participating in the survey.

You have a great deal and you are willing to take part in the survey and for that reason, you also want to know the prizes that you will be awarded by the end of the survey.

We have marked the benefits that you will earn after you have completed answering the questionnaire.

You will be awarded on behalf of the company and you will find that you can be part of the sweepstake competition and win prizes.

They assure a prize worth $5500 in 11 months and you can avail and redeem coupons and also grant yourself a gift card of $500.

Jamba Juice Survey Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations are easy to attain for that you must have an idea of what all are required by every applicant willing to take part in the survey. Here are the rules and regulations –

  • The minimum age barrier for every applicant taking part is 18/years.
  • You must be staying and have valid evidence of your residence in the United States of America to complete the survey.
  • You are here to take part in an online survey and for that, you must hold a strong internet connection with technical support.
  • A verification code is required to begin with the questionnaire part. For that matter, the necessary need is the invoice that you have received.
  • There is also a chance of you considering the survey offline mode to win prizes.

TellJamba - Win $500 Check - Jamba Juice Guest Survey

How to take part in the Jamba Juice survey?

The stages to complete the survey are easy and are quick 5-10 minutes survey. But for that, you must follow the assigned steps in this article for your convenience and ease.

The steps that are to be followed by every applicant is for the online method of the survey –

  • Click on the official website of Jamba and win prizes.
  • You will be directed to a new homepage where you will find details related to the survey rules and regulations.
  • In the third step fill the Jamba hostname.
  • Enter the verification code that is assigned on the receipt and begin with the survey.
  • You will be asked a bunch of questions about how and why you prefer Jamba Juice and what kind of wish to see in your near future and you rate your general satisfaction.
  • Now you are entitled to take part in the Jamba sweepstake competition, enter your personal information to complete the survey.


To ensure the most of the survey you have to read the article and find out about the rules and regulations and answer a quite few common questions and win prizes.

TellJamba - Win $500 Check - Jamba Juice Guest Survey

 Jamba Juice Guest Survey FAQs

  • The website to take part in the survey.

Answer –

  • Age barrier to complete the survey.

Answer – 18/years.

  • What prize will I receive by the end of the survey?

Answer – $500

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