– Win $100 Gift Card – Bahamas Trip has begun with a survey which they have named Bahamas Trip Experience survey and they are here to add more fun to your boring life. - Win $100 Gift Card - Bahamas Survey

You have a great deal and offers for taking part in the survey. You have ensured yourself a free trip and for that reason, you must continue reading the article.

You are someone who loves travel and now you have enjoyed a trip with the Bahamas earlier also, you availed yourself another free trip just by taking part in the survey.

How cool is that? Yes, you heard it right you will be prized for taking part in the survey where you are going to answer a few sets of questions and this is what will make you win prizes by the end.

You must know the steps and rules that are to be followed and the prerequisites that are to obtain for taking part in the survey.

For that, you are in the right place and you will get all the required information and also the instructions to complete the survey and enjoy prizes by the end.

To partake and to enjoy the benefits

Bahamas Trip Prizes and Rewards

There is a masterpiece of prizes that you will win and for that matter, you must have answered all the questions and concerns truly.

The survey has an outstanding deal for every applicant because they offer just a good stay to enjoy your vacation in the first place.

The prizes are mentioned and you must be awestruck when you read about the prize description. So, let’s see

You can fly around the trip to the Bahamas from your preferred locations, they will assure you well-managed transportation from the airport to the resort.

The accommodation charges will be borne by the team for 4 days and 3 nights instantly. This is not the only one you also get 2 $200 Canadian prepaid cards to be used by you in your way.

Moreover, for the rapid winners of the survey, they will be awarded CAD 100 prepaid master cards for their way. - Win $100 Gift Card - Bahamas Survey

Priceless Bahamas Survey Rules and requirements

You must be familiar with the sets of rules and all have an idea about the requirements to take part in the survey.

All the rules and prerequisites are guided by the team and they are easy to attend before beginning with the survey. The rules and requirements to take part in the survey are –

  • The first and foremost eligible candidates are those belonging and have valid proof of their citizenship in Canada.
  • According to the Canadian Province, you must be the aged majority to partake in the survey.
  • There are two ways of surveying with a single pin code that you have. With the same code, you once be a part of the sweepstake competition and another instant participation.
  • The constraint to the number of entries they enjoy is 21.
  • The winner is declared randomly without any bias.
  • The drawing is done and the winner declared will be contacted within 10 days of declaration.

How to Take Part in the Priceless Bahamas Survey?

Now you have seen and read the rules and requirements to complete the survey. You must be knowing to complete the online survey you have a few easy and quick steps to be followed that are mentioned below here –

  • You have to pay with your MasterCard at your visit to receive the contestant card.
  • Begin the same by clicking on the given URL link of
  • With the help of MasterCard, you will receive one contestant card each to partake in the survey.
  • And if you have the PC Financial Mastercard and you have paid with the same, you enjoy two contests.
  • Register yourself for the competition and enter the code.
  • Begin with the competition.
  • And if you are one lucky winner who wins the instant competition then you will receive a message saying that you have won $100 with instructions on how to use the prize that you have earned.
  • And in reverse, you haven’t received any message for the instant competition then you will be directly directed to the Bahamas Grand competition.


To ensure this and to have fun-loving communication playing and answering the question you have to read the article above.

Bahamas Survey FAQs

  • Is this one competition with one pin?

Answer – Yes, you can participate in both cases.

  • Eligible applicants must belong.

Answer – Canada Inhabitants.

  • How many times can one applicant enter the survey?

Answer – Restriction is 21 entries

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